More Pillars


More Pillars From Experts in the field of literacy and of reading instruction, in particular, widely acknowledge the value of the National Reading Panel’s findings. Many also recognize that there are a number of other components of effective and scientific reading instruction. In a response to the NRP’s 5 Pillars, Dr. Richard Allington, former President of the International Reading Association and professor of reading at the University of Tennessee, urges an additional five, research-based pillars as we guide children to becoming successful readers.

In short, the five are:

  1. Allow learners to choose from materials that interest them.
  2. Ensure that learners spend ample time with appropriately-leveled text.
  3. Teach with an understanding that reading and writing are reciprocal, with each skill strengthening the other.
  4. Organize instruction to balance whole class, small group and oneto-one time.
  5. Provide learners access to high-quality tutoring. Dr. Allington supports each of his pillars with years of experience and ample research. HAPPY Reading extends warm thanks to Dr. Allington for allowing us to reprint his article in full on our site.