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If you enjoy smiling, Marty Kelley is the guy for you. He’s author of more than a dozen books,
which tend to range in potency from giggle to fall-on-the-floor laughing. You’ll find him in New
Hampshire, except when he’s doing school visits all over the country. He likes visiting schools and
showing kids how he goes about writing books but also how he illustrates his masterpieces. Yes. Marty
Kelley is an amazing, classically trained artist who also knows how to have a fun time.

Here’s what you’ll learn if you visit his website. He used to have a LOT of different jobs. He’s
been a baker, a rock and roll drummer, a balloon delivery guy, a newspaper man, an animator and even
a second grade teacher. You’ll learn about a top secret book project he’s cooking up with some friends
who can also draw amazingly well.

[But you won’t learn this next part…which is reserved for HAPPY Reading.]

Marty Kelley’s favorite early memory of reading is a picture book called Sir Kevin of Devon.
Here’s what he says about it. “I was fascinated by the rolling, rhyming text and the intricate drawings of
the mechanical dragon that young sir Kevin set out to slay. I read the book over and over and over and
was delighted to share it with my kids when I became a father.”

Nowadays, Marty Kelley still loves to read and when it’s winter or fall, he forgets his woes and
takes it easy by the woodstove in his living room. Spring and summer do not squish or stink when he’s
enjoying books on his back porch or in the sunny library at the front of his house. And if you keep
reading, you will see that a whopping total of FOUR Marty Kelley book titles just made their way into
this short article.

If you’re curious about finding his books for yourself, you can click through the links provided to
purchase them or to find them at a library near you, especially if your librarians have excellent taste in
books. You’ll also find a link to his website for bonus learning and laughter.


Fall is Not Easy
The Rules
Summer Stinks
Winter Woes
Spring Goes Squish
Twelve Terrible Things
The Messiest Desk
Fame, Fortune and the Bran Muffins of Doom
Albert’s Almost Amazing Adventure
Tooth Fairy Trouble (Molly Mac)
Sammy’s Great Escape (Molly Mac)
Lucky Break (Molly Mac)
The Best Friend Bandit (Molly Mac)
Almost Everybody Farts
Top Secret Author Visit (Molly Mac)
Three…Two…One…Blastoff! (Molly Mac)
Magic Molly (Molly Mac)
Campground Creature (Molly Mac)
Experiment #256

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