Look Who’s Promoting – June, 2020


Here are some of the people promoting reading with American students over recent weeks.

  1. Tobias Harris of the Philadelphia 76ers funded a book giveaway with Read by 4th. Their aim was to provide 25,000 books to kids…five books per child. See more about the giveaway in the story linked here.
  2. Corey Peters of the Arizona Cardinals has announced he is starting a high school book club. He’s calling it Corey Peters’ Playbook. He says he never read enough as a kid but discovered a love for reading as an adult. His club is virtual for now but he aims to make it an in-person endeavor. Read more in the story linked below.https://arizonasports.com/story/2299838/power-of-reading-compelled-corey-peters-to-start-high-school-book-club/
  3. Utilizing the nickname “Beef”, given by his mom, the Atlanta Falcons’ Keith Smith has started virtual read-alouds. He’s referring to them as “Books with Beef”. You can find out more about those by clicking on the link.

HAPPY Reading salutes all the people, programs, and places that are promoting reading among learners young, old and in between. Good books are good friends. How wonderful when people take the time to help others make that discovery.