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HAPPY Primary

Home Advantage with Parents as Partners for Youth- Primary

Since 2004, HAPPY Reading has been providing services for elementary schools wanting to improve their reading culture. Components of the primary program include read-aloud services that are aligned with state standards and division content objectives; parent outreach, involvement and literacy training; community involvement which sometimes leads to mentoring; motivational presentations for students and families; and opportunities for community, family and school to strengthen their relationships while improving reading outcomes.


Reading Engagement and Development United with Parents

The need for meaningful parent involvement doesn’t end when students reach middle school. In fact, in some ways it becomes more important. Through read-alouds with high-interest material; community and parent volunteering; creative use of technology and an emphasis on global relationships, students will emerge with a deepened appreciation for the power of reading. Literacy takes its rightful place in the middle school experience. Students will gain a new or renewed positive relationship with books and learning, and your academic outcomes will reflect the effort.


Writing, Oratory and Reading Development

High school students are still growing in mind, body and spirit. The right books before the right students at the right time can set the course for young lives in powerful ways. With WORD, students are provided authentic, personal, enjoyable reasons for reading and writing; varied opportunities for public speaking or performance; and ongoing experiences with high interest, high-impact books. They are provided an avenue to interact with their local, state and global community in ways that make their transition from high school to higher education or work purposeful, successful and exciting. Parent involvement and a focus on all facets of literacy growth make WORD a powerful tool in engaging students, improving academic outcomes and setting the course for dynamic futures.

HAPPY Preschool

Home Advantage with Parents as Partners for Youth

For children in any early childhood setting, a growing relationship with books and stories is pivotal. The number one predictor of academic success in elementary school is the level of phonological awareness children possess when they enter first grade. HAPPY Preschool works with parents, educators, care providers, and community volunteers to give children rich exposure to quality literature and fun language-building experiences.

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