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Featured Books – June, 2020

July, 2020 Free

To purchase books through Amazon, simply click on the cover. You may also search through WorldCat to find titles in a library near you. HAPPY…

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Angie Miles with Jim Trelease

Jim Trelease

September, 2020 Free

Read-Aloud Guru  Jim Trelease is a hero to millions. Jim Trelease is a hero to me, Angie Miles, founder of HAPPY Reading. The year that…

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LeVar Burton

LeVar Burton

June, 2020 Free

You know him as an actor and director. From his earliest role as Kunta Kinte in the consciousness-raising mini-series, Roots, in 1977… to his role…

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Phonics Poems

Free Poems

12 Free Poems!

August, 2020 Free

Al’s Apples-FF (Sound of A) Level A/B Al’s Apples-FF T1 Al’s Apples-FF T2 Al’s Apples-FF T3 Beck’s Long Neck (ECK Family or CK Ending) Level…

A poem: Roses are red. Don't call me Fred. Violets are blue. I'm sure that is true.

Poems (All)

July, 2020 Limited

Browse our full poems database according to specific word study features and reading levels, as well as tips on how to get the most out…

Program Creation and Mgmt.

For Other Community Organizations

August, 2020

Bibliotherapy It’s difficult to overestimate the healing potential in a good children’s book. HAPPY Reading can assist with connecting the right books with the right…

For Homeless Shelters

August, 2020

HAPPY Transitions Home Advantage with Parents as Partners for Youth – Transitions One of the most challenging times in the lives of many families is…

Reader's Theater

Free Reader's Theater

7 Free Reader’s Theater Scripts!

August, 2020 Free

Beetle’s Surprise (Social Studies) Beetle’s Surprise S Beetle’s Surprise SS Digits (Math) Digits S Digits SS Detail-Digits-CC Detail-Digits-DC Detail-Digits-MD Detail-Digits-NC Detail-Digits-VA Fishing and Fiddling (Social…

Three people on stage conducting a Reader's Theater session

Reader’s Theater (All)

August, 2020 Limited

Browse our full Reader’s Theater database according to subject matter, specific word study features, and reading levels, as well as tips on how to get…

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HAPPY Reading Workshops

August, 2020

High Achiever Topics from HAPPY Reading (Home Advantage with Parents as Partners for Youth) WORKSHOP 1- WHAT MAKES A HIGH ACHIEVER? (for parents and care…

The Concise Science of Reading

Reading Motivation

July, 2020 Free

Why does anyone do anything? People do things because they want to do them… because they have the desire. This has always been true and…

Parent Involvement

July, 2020 Free

A few years ago a small article appeared in a local newspaper. It was picked up by a number of other news organizations. No wonder……