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At this time, HAPPY Reading is not paid to endorse any particular reading program or system, with the exception of the associate and partner programs for various booksellers. These sellers do provide a percentage to HAPPY Reading for sales that originate on our site. HAPPY is also pleased to include among the booksellers a link to allow you to find books in your local library, which are of course, free to borrow.

Phonics is instruction that includes both sounds made in language and the corresponding letter(s) that are symbols for the sounds. Word study does involve teaching phonics, but it begins with an understanding of the developmental process involved in learning to spell. Word study, which involves sorting and categorizing words by visual and aural features, is best learned by extensive reading and/or coursework. Please see the books recommended under the Resources tab. Follow Resources to Concise Science and click on the article entitled Word Study, Leveled Books and Vocabulary.

You may begin in our Resources area, with a look at the Concise Science of Reading articles. There are any number of excellent books and journals on reading instruction, as well. You may wish to visit the International Reading Association to begin a plan of study. Videos, journals and regular news from IRA can assist the literacy educator or researcher in making great strides. The IRA is included on HAPPY Reading’s Links page.

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All materials are written by a veteran literacy educator with years of experience with content standards alignment, an advanced degree in reading with additional endorsements in both adolescent literacy and gifted education. The author also has extensive experience as a writer and speaker with additional background in theater. Materials are tested with readings by real learners. Your feedback is also welcome.

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