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Finders, Readers

June, 2020 Free

Sheldon, Iowa She says the most surprising thing about her book project is how quickly it started working. Sami Noteboom remembers going out to a…

Books as Bridges
The Humphrey board at school

A Tale of Many Readers

June, 2020 Free

Washington Elementary School Santa Barbara, California This begins as a tale of two readers—two moms who’d started a little book club for their almost- second…

Schoolwide Reading

Featured Books Archive

Featured Books – June, 2020

July, 2020 Free

To purchase books through Amazon, simply click on the cover. You may also search through WorldCat to find titles in a library near you. HAPPY…

Featured Profiles

Angie Miles with Jim Trelease

Jim Trelease

September, 2020 Free

Read-Aloud Guru  Jim Trelease is a hero to millions. Jim Trelease is a hero to me, Angie Miles, founder of HAPPY Reading. The year that…

Expert Profile
Marty Kelley

Marty Kelley

June, 2020 Free

If you enjoy smiling, Marty Kelley is the guy for you. He’s author of more than a dozen books, which tend to range in potency…

Author Profile
The Lyons family

Carter Lyons

June, 2020 Free

An interview with Carter Lyons of Powhatan, Virginia June, 2020 How important to you is reading as a parent of young children? I believe that…

Parent Interview

Reader's Theater

Free Reader's Theater

7 Free Reader’s Theater Scripts!

August, 2020 Free

Beetle’s Surprise (Social Studies) Beetle’s Surprise S Beetle’s Surprise SS Digits (Math) Digits S Digits SS Detail-Digits-CC Detail-Digits-DC Detail-Digits-MD Detail-Digits-NC Detail-Digits-VA Fishing and Fiddling (Social…

Three people on stage conducting a Reader's Theater session

Reader’s Theater (All)

August, 2020 Limited

Browse our full Reader’s Theater database according to subject matter, specific word study features, and reading levels, as well as tips on how to get…

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