The Seven Cs of HAPPY

Child-Focused – HAPPY outcomes with literacy are less about teaching literacy and more about teaching human beings;  our materials and services keep the focus on the child, dynamically differentiating for each learner

Character Developing – Story opens opportunity for connecting with characters and exploring new ways to think about problems and solutions…to explore the self through the experiences of real and fictional others

Comprehensive – Success means taking into account what we are learning, how we are learning it and with whom we are learning; thus our offerings span classroom, home, and extracurricular approaches to creating a reading culture

Content-Driven – The time to teach, enhance and enrich literacy skill happens all the time and content areas provide perfect vehicles for building literacy; we recognize, too, that the content used to deliver instruction can determine how effective the instruction will be

Continuously Motivational – What does the learner believe, desire and value?  Knowing this, we are primed to keep learners engaged and moving forward

Collaborative with Community – Every available resource can be utilized to reach literacy goals; finding appropriate roles for energized and committed community partners is pivotal

Capacity-Building – We want learners who are more confident about their creativity and critical thinking skills and communities who understand better what to do to help learners soar to new heights of learning.  Success creates more success.