The Who, What, When, and Why of HAPPY

What We Do

We offer informational articles, engaging instructional materials, customized tutoring plans, classroom consulting services, and much more. We are literacy resource-rich and intent on equipping those who teach, those who serve, and those who learn.

HAPPY Reading is for you. With engaging content and customized consulting services, HAPPY Reading equips those who teach, those who serve, and those who learn.

At HAPPY Reading, we love books. They hold promise and power within their pages. But it takes both knowledge and wisdom to create a reading culture.

HAPPY Reading helps learners discover the reader within by thinking outside the book.

HAPPY Reading is all about best practices in literacy education. We are also about improving outcomes for all learners through increasingly intelligent and imaginative approaches to instruction. For example, our downloadable instructional materials are highly efficient… combining content knowledge, standards, word study, leveled reading and more into short, lively, fun-to-read poems and reader’s theater scripts. Nowhere else can you find this powerful and efficient combination in one place.

HAPPY Reading is for parents, classroom teachers, resource specialists, home school instructors, academic administrators, program directors, library professionals, counselors, tutors, volunteers, community leaders, adult learners and literacy enthusiasts who are dedicated, informed and innovative. For you, we provide smart articles, compelling interviews, top-notch read-aloud recommendations and evidence-based instructional materials that are diverse, downloadable and FUN… to nourish your budding literacy learners, to help them discover that they love reading… and that HAPPILY, books are for them. We add new content all the time.

We invite you to join our community if you believe as we do: that successful reading, writing, speaking and listening are possible for virtually everyone… and that learning is a lifelong gift to cherish and to share.

When We Do It

Throughout the academic year, we offer:

  • Bibliotherapy Consulting
  • Classroom Consulting
  • HAPPY Community Program Consulting
  • HAPPY Preschool
  • HAPPY Primary
  • (I’m HAPPY Reading) Books to You
  • Read Up
  • Word Up

For those living in central Virginia, during the academic year, we offer:

  • Tutoring
  • Workshops

And in the summer:

  • HAPPY Reading Camp

Central Virginians can learn more about our year-round offerings and sign up for tutoring, parent brunches, HAPPY Game Nights and assorted book club group meetings at

Why We Do It

At HAPPY Reading, we love books. They hold promise and power within their pages. But it takes both knowledge and wisdom to create a reading culture.  We want to create and to enhance the reading culture everywhere possible.

When people read well, they have more and better choices for making the life they want.  Reading helps build character, prompts problem-solving and creates opportunities for families to bond.  It stretches the mind and appeals to the heart.  Reading can make us HAPPY.  HAPPY readers are more likely to become HAPPY people and to create a HAPPY world.  So reading can make us HAPPY!  All of us.

Learners who like books are more likely to spend time with them.  Love books?  Even better…and even more time spent reading.  And the research shows us that those who spend more time reading are those who develop better literacy skills.  So if the road to a happier world is paved with books, the best way to start on that road is to become a reader!  If I am a reader, I read.  And I’m much more likely to become a reader if I am immersed in a culture that loves reading.

Who Likes It

People really need to see the incredibly creative work you do. Your engaging materials and evidence-based methods are superb and foster a reading culture. Your programs need to be in every type of school and can benefit diverse learners everywhere

– J. Roberts, Retired Reading Specialist, Retired Elementary Principal and Past President of Virginia State Reading Association



“…the most comprehensive and well-planned reading enhancement for any elementary school.”
– Beverly Abdus-Sabur, former Virginia Media Educator of the Year

“…an excellent use of Title I funds for family involvement and literacy.”
– S. Scott, Elementary Principal

“…. about turning children into readers, and I recommend it with enthusiasm.”
– C. Burke, Elementary Principal

“…highly recommended. Over a three-month period, Ms. Miles’ program of instruction helped virtually every student to meet or exceed the benchmarks.  When I observed her classroom instruction, I saw students engaged and excited about learning.”
– I Williams, Elementary Principal

“…the program that turned our situation around.  Students were performing well below the benchmarks in many areas…and the phonics instruction, sight word strategies and reading aloud that was connected closely to our SOL and content needs worked beautifully to enhance what we were already providing… Reading and writing skill improved across the board, including for our many ESL students.”
– J. Hall-Lane, Assistant Principal



“…why my son approaches reading more confidently…we have really discovered a new world with literature after receiving new books from you to start our own library at home.”
– K. Harris, Mother of Five

“…the reason why son’s teacher said he improved in reading by TWO reading levels this nine weeks. I didn’t know what could have made that difference. Then I thought about the reading program.”
– N. Robinson, Mother of Five

“…a real help. I’ve always wanted to play games and do learning activities with my baby, but I’ve never known exactly what to do. The lessons help so much. Now I know what to do, and we have fun.”
– T. Smith, Mother of Toddler

“…a lifesaver.  For years, we’ve struggled with this reading issue and no one seemed able to figure out the problem. But whatever you did, it made all the difference. Thank you!”
– N. Oliver, Parent of Middle School Student



“…the reason I scored the highest reading scores I’ve ever had in my life.  I just did everything you taught me.”
– High School Student

“…why I feel like I’m in the fourth grade.  I haven’t missed any words for like five whole minutes!”
– Second Grade Student

“…when I feel smart.”
– Fourth Grade Student

“…the best thing about my whole life!”
– Kindergarten Student