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I was born in Weston, Ontario, Canada on a cold, snowy March day - the 16th to be exact. Funny, so was my brother, Paul. Yup, my twin brother. My BIG brother - 14 whole minutes older than me, although the way Paul and I see it - we are the exact same age. One egg split into two at the very same second. Nifty, eh?

Paul and I grew up in a very creative house with lots of noise as there were seven of us packed into our little house. Our parents were accountants, but after work my dad was busy building bookcases in his garage-turned-woodshop and mum was busy reading books chosen from the shelves of the hand-made bookcases made by, you guessed it, Dad. All that book lovin' rubbed off on us. Helped too that our big sister, Jane, loved to read aloud to us. My favorites were the Charles Dickens books - especially Oliver Twist. Books took us places and allowed us to time travel.

Not only was our house a "house of books," but it was also a house of paper and pencils and china-markers. (Accountants seemed to love china markers for some reason!) Accountants back in the 60's were surrounded by paper and pens to record numbers which my father always told me was "the story" of how a company was growing.

Paul and I made good use of all these "story recording" tools. We drew every day. Rain or shine. Rain made for especially good drawing days.

We'd play the squiggle game where he'd draw me a squiggle and trade it for one I made for him. Our imaginations set to work creating all sorts of animals, creatures, people and whatever came to mind. This was a very good workout for what lay ahead. In first grade, we launched our own newspaper and by 4th grade we had a greeting card company and by 7th grade we had a media production company which produced films and comic books. We even had our own business bank account and official stationery.

Today, Paul and I still love to read - so much so that we built our own bookstore in our hometown. If you ever wander to Boston, "The Blue Bunny" is only a 20 minute "hop" to Dedham, MA. Our shop is a wonderful place packed with grand bookcases, the kind our father would have been proud to make. It is filled with "story recording" tools like paper, pens, and yes, china markers. We both love stories so much that a book and art store was just not enough. We built FableVision. This is our media production company employing over 50 creative people who love to make stories, films, and interactive applications. www.fablevision.com Not just any stories and games, but ones that are non-violent and that help people to help make the world a better place.

I've been busy writing and illustrating books for about the last 15 years including "The Dot," "Ish," "The North Star" and "I'm Here." Each book is an idea I wanted to share. In "The Dot" I wanted to inspire people to be brave and begin. In "Ish," to keep trying and be proud of who you are and how you think. In The North Star, I wanted people to keep their dreams in sight and to never give up. And in my newest book, "I'm Here," I wanted to remind all of us to reach out to help others, especially those who cannot ask for our help.

I am working on lots of new books from my collection of almost 400 ideas I have jotted down in my journal. You might spot me in my favorite coffee shop, Mocha Java or Paradise Cafe in Dedham Square, writing and sketching. Some people need peace and quiet to create. Not me. I love places with activity, noise, and music. (A lot like the house we grew up in!) I love places that are alive and buzzing with energy. That energy is one of the "colors" in my palette. A story or drawing painted with it has movement and life- and THAT is what I try to do when putting my pen to paper.

Visit Peter Reynold's web at http://www.peterhreynolds.com/

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