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It's difficult to overestimate the healing potential in a good children's book. HAPPY Reading can assist with connecting the right books with the right children to further personal goals… from self-exploration to emotional healing. For nearly a century, trained therapists have used bibliotherapy to reach children, helping them to connect with book characters and to discover their own answers within the pages.

Parents and teachers, likewise, can open questions of character development and problem-solving approaches through books...the right books, presented in the right way at the right time. HAPPY Programs can help you to help children by providing curriculum and books for bibliotherapeutic experiences for children and youth.*

If you have a specific interest related to reading motivation or parent involvement, let us know. We can work together to design a program that will serve your organization’s needs.

*Bibliotherapy is not intended to be a self-contained medical or psychological treatment program. HAPPY Reading simply provides the curricular materials. These materials may be used by a trained, licensed medical professional for therapeutic purposes. For non-professionals, materials provide ways to explore feelings and character development only. Bibliotherapy offerings from HAPPY Reading are NOT intended to replace professional medical or psychological care.




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