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Felix is an adult learner in the LifeWorks Literacy program in Austin, Texas.  He shares his thoughts on becoming more literate in this exchange with HAPPY Reading.  Here we are using the assumed name "Felix" is to protect the learner’s privacy.

HAPPY: What led you to decide to continue with your education in this way?

FELIX: LifeWorks Literacy was recommended to me by another agency to help me learn to read and write better. 

HAPPY: What was challenging or frustrating for you before beginning this new chapter in your life?

FELIX: It was hard for me to understand things because I couldn’t read well and I couldn’t write well.

HAPPY: What has been most rewarding about the learning process?

FELIX: The most rewarding thing has been meeting new people and realizing I can learn.

HAPPY: Is there some advice you would offer educators, based on the challenges you may have faced in education when you were younger?

FELIX: There should be more one-on-one time spent with students who are having a hard time reading and writing.

HAPPY: How much have you shared with friends, family and co-workers about your decision to continue with your education and how have you decided how much to share?

FELIX: I have told my family and friends that I am working on basic education, so I can learn to read and write better.

HAPPY: Do you feel differently about yourself as a person and as a learner now?  Give reasons or examples, if you can.

FELIX: Yes, I feel that I can learn now, and that I am a better reader.

HAPPY: Have you discovered any favorite things to read as you’ve continued with education?  Have you discovered any favorite authors, books or types of reading materials?


HAPPY: What are the challenges facing you now… as an adult learner?  In what ways could you be better supported to be able to learn?

FELIX: I’m trying to write better.  My family supports me, but I need to practice writing more.

HAPPY: Are there benefits to learning as an adult rather than as a child or youth?

FELIX: Yes, because I understand more now.

HAPPY: If another adult were considering getting help with reading or with some other subject, what advice would you give?  What are some reasons to continue to learn as an adult and what are some resources you might recommend?

FELIX: I would tell them it’s good to know how to do better in life.  I would recommend that they go to LifeWorks.

Felix began in the program in 2009, reading at a level of 4.9. Fewer than two years later, Felix reads at a level of 8.5 and is ready to transition to a GED program.



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