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What HAPPY Reading Has for Me

What We Do For Others… We Do For Ourselves

As you explore articles and other features on the site, you’ll find examples of people learning about themselves, liking themselves more, because of what they do for others. Specifically, we’d like to direct you to our monthly articles, which tend to be rich with service learning stories. The fifth grade students who make sandwiches for the homeless, because of a book they read… and the students who raise money to buy books for friends they’ve never met in a storm-damaged town… you’ll find these kinds of stories on our virtual pages.

Current articles are viewable, in full, for all visitors to the site. We hope you’ll stop by often for a healthy dose of inspiration. These articles update monthly under the permanent, umbrella headings. Those headings, current articles and places of origin are:

School-Wide Reading
Current Article-If You Build It Up, They Will Read (Connecticut)
Surrogate Librarian
Current Article-Books on Wheels (Illinois)
Book-Inspired Art
Current Article-The Snowball Effect (Michigan)
Books As Bridges
Current Article-Blanketed in Kindness (Florida and Louisiana)
Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Current Article-A Dramatic Difference (North Carolina)
Book-Inspired Community Service
Current Article-Love and Sandwiches (Georgia)
Literacy for All Kinds of Intelligence
Current Article-Naturally Smart (Florida)

These articles also deliver a wealth of ideas and innovation. There are exceptionally talented and dedicated educators hard at work in schools and homes throughout America. We are proud to bring you their stories. Many of theirs can be the starting point for both service learning and greater academic success for your learners. These articles are located on the Resources page, immediately below the calendar area.

Access to current articles is our pleasure for all visitors to our site. Archived articles are reserved for registered members only.

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