Reading Culture
What HAPPY Reading Has for Me

How Do You Get One?

Which is more powerful?

I read because I am supposed to read.
I read because I am required to read.
I read because I am a reader.

Establishing a culture where reading is done because it’s inherent in who you are as a community, as a school, as a class, as a family, as a person… that is reading that is destined to be deep, wide, and life-long.

By making recreational reading more enticing and by making academic and instructional reading more enjoyable, we help build and sustain a reading culture. Everything at HAPPY Reading is aimed at accomplishing this goal, which is the pinnacle.

We invite you to explore all our resources… articles, interviews, profiles… recommended books and instructional materials. Using these will contribute to creation and maintenance of your reading culture… absolutely.

In addition to what’s on the website, our consulting services… including the reading programs we create and coordinate… and our workshops will contribute in major ways to that reading culture you desire. We take it very seriously and we have FUN making it happen. We understand how important it is for the good of individuals and for the well-being of the whole world. Seriously. We are here to help the good of the whole world. We welcome the active partnership of those who believe that this is not an overstatement.

We invite you to join us in this community of educators and leaders who value reading as we do… who are ready to partner with us for literacy support that will lead to a reading culture that empowers the whole world.

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