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Whatever the Question, Our Answer is Reading Aloud

With a background in broadcast journalism, our founder has seen a considerable amount of greatness and more than enough misfortune. The mainstay of most local news and every national expose is what went wrong. If we want things to go well and to incubate more greatness and goodness in the world, what can we do? That’s easy. We can read.

Do we want to strengthen the economy? Do we want to lessen crime? Do we want to understand our neighbors around the globe and increase peace and well-being? Do we want more music and art? Do we want more natural beauty? Do we want to laugh more and improve the quality of life for everyone? It’s so easy. It can all be done if we begin by picking up books and reading.

Here is the formula as it relates to young people:

  • I learn to like myself (I must be valuable if you spend time reading with me.)
  • I learn to understand others (Books can take you everywhere and help you explore the thoughts and feelings of many different people.)
  • I learn to value my responsibility to the whole world (Through stories and characters, I see more of what’s possible, and as I identify with others… real and fictional… I see what’s possible for me. I’m more likely to accept my responsibility when I feel confident that I can actually succeed.)

Simply reading is powerful but the effects of reading together are exponential. Reading together educates, teaches, connects, encourages, entertains, strengthens and transforms us in powerful ways. The right books for the right child at the right time can make all the difference. Being a reading role model has a lasting impact on the world.

Everything on the HAPPY Reading website is meant to encourage reading aloud, but we’d like to direct you to these areas, in particular:

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Reading Motivation

Instructional Materials Library
Our leveled poems and reader’s theater scripts are meant to be practiced and enjoyed over and over. Reading skill grows as these engaging texts are read again and again. Practicing and then performing them makes reading the desirable, social activity it can be. Many of the scripts and poems, which align with content and standards, also provide great opportunities for discussion about likes and dislikes, right and wrong, and shades of meaning. FREE Samples of poems and scripts are available for all visitors. But only registered members have access to the full library of materials.

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We are so HAPPY to recommend books that make great read-alouds. On our Books page, you’ll find descriptions of old, new, retold and colorful titles to try with family, friends, students, patrons and community kids. Plus we suggest titles for educators interested in furthering their professional knowledge of reading and education, generally.

To make it extra easy for you to get your hands on these great books right away, we provide three different options to allow you to purchase books through our website. Amazon, Better World Books and Powell’s are all just a click away for each title. Everything you purchase through HAPPY Reading, not just the recommended books, but everything you purchase by clicking through our site yields a small percentage for us. This helps us to keep providing resources for you. If you’re not inclined to spend money but still want to get the books, you can use our helpful WorldCat connection. Clicking here will let you find the book at your closest library. Pretty handy! We want you and yours to read together, bond together, learn together and be HAPPY together. That makes us HAPPY.

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Instructional Materials Library
This includes instantly available downloads of thousands of pages of leveled poems and reader’s theater scripts. Material is written with content standards in mind AND to support literacy growth across the life span for learners in a variety of settings and circumstances. For all our reader’s theater scripts, there is a Detail page that gives specific information about standards alignment, word study features, sight words and more. To facilitate more reading, we suggest a selection to read aloud, related to the topic covered in the script. We love when reading leads to more reading! Only members have access to the full instructional materials library via the LOGIN button. Or you may register to become a member here:

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HAPPY52 Tips
As a member, you receive weekly delivery of Reading Raves and Reminders in your e-mail to help keep teaching practices sharp and learners’ skills sharper. Some of these tips may relate to reading aloud.

Coming in early fall, this one of a kind resource will help you to connect real, high-quality children’s literature with thematic needs in the classroom, in your library, in your community center or in your home. In whatever setting, if you are looking for children’s literature that aligns with specific needs for your learners, your patrons, your clients or your own children, the BookMine will help you find it. The BookMine is a treasure trove for read-aloud joy.

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