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HAPPY Reading is All About Parent Involvement

The name says it all. HAPPY stands for Home Advantage with Parents as Partners for Youth. We’re all about parents being informed and involved in every aspect of their children’s learning. Everything we do, everything we offer classroom educators… works equally well for… and even better WITH the collaborative support of the educator(s) at home.

Though all the articles and other features on the site are intended for the information and inspiration of all our visitors, we want to draw special attention to a few for parents, specifically:

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The Concise Science of Reading

For a parent wanting to understand the reading process and how to best help their child(ren), all of these articles will be helpful, but you may wish to focus on the following five. They give precise advice on how to support important building blocks of effective reading.

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  • 5 Pillars of Reading
  • More Pillars
  • Reading Motivation
  • Outside the Book
  • Parent Involvement

Classroom educators who want to help parents to become more informed and involved might wish to use these articles as resources and a starting point for tips to send home or to provide content for parent workshops.

Instructional Materials Library
HAPPY Reading has hundreds of leveled poems and reader’s theater scripts… and every month we add new things! If you’ve ever wanted an easy way to support your child’s reading development, spelling, sight word recognition, writing skills and more, you’ve come to the right place. Poems and scripts provide a thoroughly enjoyable way to practice reading… and you can do it together! Teachers will love you. Your child will love you. YOU will love you and the time you’re spending… making memories and nurturing an excellent reader. There are free samples of the poems and scripts available for all visitors. To access the full library of materials, you must register as member. Whether you choose to do this or not, we hope you make full use of what’s here and help your learner to thrive with books.

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Featured Parent
Each month, expect a session with a parent of young children or with a parent who has experienced the trials and triumphs of parenting and now has grown children. As they reflect on their reading choices and challenges, you may find some advice or affirmations for yourself.

Currently Featured: Dr. Michele Cooley-Strickland

HAPPY Reading regularly reviews dozens of books that make excellent choices for reading aloud. Some are new. Some are old. Some are quirky and fun. Some are for older readers. Some are for younger. Some are perfect for those new to reading to read aloud to you. We also provide suggestions for using these books for teaching purposes… especially to help with word study (phonics) or spelling support.

To make it extra easy for you to get your hands on these great books right away, we provide three different options to allow you to purchase books through our website. Amazon, Better World Books and Powell’s are all just a click away for each title. Everything you purchase through HAPPY Reading, not just the recommended books, but everything you purchase by clicking through our site yields a small percentage for us. This helps us to keep providing resources for you. If you’re not inclined to spend money but still want to get the books, you can use our helpful WorldCat connection. Clicking here will let you find the book at your closest library. Pretty handy! We want you and your loved ones to read together, bond together, learn together and be HAPPY together. That makes us HAPPY.

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Services from HAPPY
I’m HAPPY Reading-Books to You (Optional w/additional cost)
This service is intended to support reading aloud, which is an opportunity for more experienced readers to model fluency for those with less experience and reading skill. It entails books or book recommendations to be tailored for your family’s interests and reading preferences and delivered to your door, along with appropriate activities. This is a paid service, customized in price to fit your choices; it includes a free year of HAPPY Reading membership.

Instructional Materials Library
Membership with HAPPY Reading opens the door to our full library of poems and reader’s theater scripts. Poems for beginning readers come with a practice track, to allow learners to mark, color or sticker a box each time they practice reading. Reader’s theater scripts, which are short and searchable by reading level, allow you to read as a pair, as a team, as a family. You can even have performances for other family members! Also, each script has a Detail page, which spells out the word study features and the academic content area covered by the script. You’ll also find a book recommended to read aloud to support that area of learning. Spending time together supporting academic goals is one of the MOST POWERFUL WAYS PARENTS CAN BE INVOLVED IN THEIR CHILDREN’S LEARNING.

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HAPPY52 Tips
Members receive weekly delivery of Reading Raves and Reminders in their e-mail to help keep literacy practices sharp and learners’ skills sharper.

Coming in early fall, this one of a kind resource will help you to connect real, high quality children’s literature with essential instructional goals, character education goals, and themes that interest you. The BookMine allows you to search for books by author, illustrator, series, reading level, word study feature(s) and more. If you’ve ever wanted to find books that are just right for your child, this could be the resource you’ve always wanted.

Join at today’s low price and make your HAPPY Reading experience even more of a great value for you and your students.

Members also get HAPPY Services-- including HAPPY Primary, READ UP, WORD, HAPPY Preschool, HAPPY Transitions and Bibliotherapy-- at special pricing. Workshops for both parents and education professionals are also available at discounted pricing. A list of all available workshops can be found under the Resources tab, under Services from HAPPY. You may also write to discuss specific needs.

One year as a registered member costs just pennies a day per student. Some people spend more than this amount on car washes, which are great, but if you skipped a couple or washed as a family project once in a while, you could spend the savings on this! You can purchase up to three years of membership at the low, introductory price. And referring friends and colleagues can lead to even greater benefits for you and for them.

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