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    Who is Marty Kelley?

I was born a long, long time ago, when bellbottoms were fashionable the first time. I’ve spent most of my life getting older and uglier. By the time I was in first grade I was very old and very ugly.

Much of my youth was wasted in front of the television (Hey, I’m not proud of it, I’m just being honest). But when I wasn’t drooling andslack-jawed in front of the box, I ran and jumped and biked and played my drums and read a lot of books.

Now that I’m old and as ugly as I’ll ever get (I hope), I still spend much of my free time running and jumping and biking and playing my drums. Now I get to do those things with my own children (who are never drooling in front of the TV).

Now, along with reading as many books as I can get my hands on, I write them as well. Writing and illustrating children’s books was never a lifetime goal of mine. While I have always loved to write and draw, I had aspirations of being an animator, not an author. I worked as a cartoonist for my local town paper while I was in high school. After that, I went to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to study animation.

After several more years, I went back to school and got my degree in Elementary Education. It was during those college years that I actively started trying to write and illustrate children’s books. I spent several years finding out how NOT to go about getting a book published. I made all the mistakes that could possibly be made while trying to have a book published.

After many frustrating years, I finally sold my first illustrated manuscript, Fall Is Not Easy. Since then I have had 6 more books published. Each time I have learned more and more about the publishing process (often, the hard way…).

I continue to work on more books for children. While the process can be frustrating at times, it is more rewarding than I could ever have imagined. I get letters from kids all over the country, telling me that they really enjoy my books. I find those letters flattering and inspiring. To know that children (and adults) enjoy my work is wonderful.

When I am not working on books, I play with my own two children and teach art classes for adults.

My favorite childhood memory of reading is probably reading an old picture book called “Sir Kevin of Devon”. I was fascinated by the rolling, rhyming text and the intricate drawings of the mechanical dragon that young sir Kevin set out to slay. I read the book over and over and over and was delighted to share it with my kids when I became a father.

My birthday is March, 5. I was born in 1971. I’m really, really old.

My favorite place to read changes with the seasons. When the weather is warm, I like to read on our back porch or in the bright sunny library in the front of our house. When it’s cold, I love to sit in the living room with the wood stove and read on the couch.

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Fall Is Not Easy -
Zino Press 1998
The Rules -
Zino Press 2000
Summer Stinks -
Zino Press 2001
Winter Woes -
Zino Press 2004
Spring Goes Squish -
Zino Press 2007
Twelve Terrible Things - Tricycle Press 2008 The Messiest Desk -
Zino Press 2009


Website: martykelley.com

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