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Standards Supported by Poetry.pdf

Poems by WS-Sept 2011.pdf

Poems by Reading Level-Aug 2011.pdf

RT by Content-September 2011.pdf

* Al's Apples-FF  (Sound of A) Level A/B
* Beck’s Long Neck (ECK Family or CK Ending) Level E
* Book Report (IR/IRE) Level I
* Fishing-CT Level E
* Grog the Frog (OG Family) Level D
* Jamari is Smart-CS Level D
* Making Music (UM Family) Level D
* Pretty Ugli-FF (Sound of U) Level A/B
* Scientific (Hard G/Soft G) Level H
* Some of Each-FF (Sound of S) Level A/B
* Street Sign-C Level C
* Study Buddy (Short E/eCe) Level C


Complete list
Added (New)
A Hat, A Cap (AT/AP Families) Level A/B
A Knight and a Knave (K/Silent K in KN)Level E
A Little Crabby (Short A in Stressed) Level Q
A Little Kiwi-FF (sound of K) Level A/B
A Perk with Dirk (ERK/IRK/URK) Level D
A Watermelon Is-FF (sound of W) Level A/B
Actor Bob (OB Family) Level D
After Tonsils (ICK Family or CK Ending) Level E
Almost Ready (F/FL Beginning Sounds) Level A/B
Ant Power (MB Ending) Level E
Baby Watermelon-FF (sound of X) Level A/B
Back Yard Lab (AB Family) Level I
Ball With Jim (IM Family) Level C
Beach Music (AND Family) Level F
Before Bed (TH Ending) Level E
Big Bad Trey-CS (AD Family) Level C
Bill’s Grill (ILL Family) Level F
Bird Food (Long E-EA/EE) Level D
Bit of Banana-FF (sound of B) Level A/B
Blue Blocks (B/BL Beginning Blend) Level C
Bowling (EN/IN Families) Level A/B
Bowling to Win-CS (IN Family) Level E
Bugged (S/SN Beginning) Level F
Camping-CT (AN Family) Level D
Caught in the Act (AU/AW) Level F
Chess Match (ALL/AW) Level G
Chips and Salsa (IP Family) Level C
Choices (OO ~ book/OO ~ boom) Level E
Chomp Challenge (CH Beginning Digraph) Level I
Chores (AG Family) Level E
Church Ladies (AN/AT Families) Level A/B
City Family-CS—Level E
City Travel (AB Word Family) Level C
Cook It Up-FF (sound of Z) Level A/B
Cookout-CS (EG Family) Level C
Corner Store-CS—Level G
Cute Little Carrots-FF (sound of C) Level A/B
Dan’s Van (AN Family) Level C
Dancing to Learn (IP Family) Level G
Dandelion Wish (UFF Family) Level E
Dash for the Cash (ASH Family or SH Ending) Level E
Dig that Pig (IG Family) Level E
Don’t Wake the Pig-CT (IG Family) Level E
Double Dutch-CS—Level E
Drag and Drop (D/DR) Level D
Dream Drawing (Long A in Stressed) Level K
Duke Luke (Short U/uCe) Level J
Dunk the Junk (UNK Family or NK Ending) Level D
Early Morning-CT (EN Family or Short E) Level F
Eggplant-FF (sound of E) Level A/B
Elk Ilk (ELK/ILK or LK Ending) Level H
End of the Day (AB Family) Level A/B
End Trend (END Family or ND Ending) Level I
Fan Plan (AN/AT Families) Level D
Farm Family-CT (Beginning Blends) Level F
Farm Pet-CT (ET Family) Level D
Fast Fred (AST Family or ST Ending) Level D
Feeding Time-CT (ED Family) Level C
First a Fig-FF (sound of F) Level A/B
Fish and Dips (D/DR Beginning Sounds) Level E
Five Senses (UM Family) Level G
Flip for Flapjacks (AP/IP Families) Level F
Flop and Mop (OP Family) Level H
Flower in a Rainstorm (OW in the Stressed) Level R
Fly Why (RGE/DGE) Level F
Fred’s Solution (ACE/ACK) Level G
Free Tip (AP/IP or T/TR) Level C
Friendly Advice (B/BR Beginning) Level F
Frost on the Hill (ILL Family) Level F
Gang All Sang (ANG or NG Ending) Level F
Get on Board (OR/OAR/ORE) Level G
Get Set for Dinner (OP Family) Level C
Giant Pizza (UST Family) Level E
Girl Power (UCK Family or Short U) Level E
Go for Grapes-FF (sound of G) Level A/B
Good Pup (UP Family) Level A/B
Good Sport (AG Family) Level D
Grace and Grog (OND Family or ND Ending) Level E
Green Grocer-CS (AG Family) Level E
Grocery Trip (ACK/AKE) Level D
Grouch-CS (ID Family) Level E
Grub-CT (UB Family) Level C
Gus' Crush (USH Family) Level E
Gym Ball (IM Family or Short I) Level C
Hang Ten (ORE/UR) Level G
Hank’s Rescue (ANK Family or NK Ending) Level E
Happy Clam (AM Word Family) Level A/B
Healthy Habits (IM Family or Beginning Blends) Level D
Help for Grog (OG Family) Level D
Help for Hank (D/DR Beginning Sounds Level H
Hen Spin (EN/IN) Level G
Hen to Ten (EN Family) Level D
Hide and Seek (ID Family) Level D
History Lesson-CS (OB Family) Level E
Home Run (OU/OUN) Level F
Honey Bees (AP/IP Families) Level A/B
Hot Dog (OT Family) Level A/B
Hot, Hot, Hot-FF (Sound of H) Level A/B
Hot Spot-CS (OT Family) Level A/B
Hub, The -CS (UB Family) Level A/B
I Can Run (UN Family) Level C
I Dig Big (IG Word Family) Level C
I Say Yam-FF (sound of Y) Level A/B
Ice Cold-FF (sound of I) Level A/B
Ice-Cream Man-CS (AN Family) Level C
Ice-Cream-Time-CS (AN Family) Level C
In Your Skin (IN Family) Level G
It's a Date-FF (sound of D) Level A/B
Jack and Mack (ACK Family or CK Ending) Level D
Jake Takes on Cake (Short A/aCe) Level G
Jamari-CS (AT Family) Level D
Jed Plays Fetch (EN/IN Families) Level G
Juice and Jam-FF (sound of J) Level A/B
Juice Drinker (UP Family) Level C
JUMP (UMP Family or MP Ending Blend) Level D
Kid With the Lid-CS (ID Family) Level I
Lady Liberty (AND/aCe) Level G
Little Boy Blue-CT (AP Family) Level F
Little Ram (AM/AND Families) Level F
Little Red Bed (ED Family) Level C
Lock, Stock, Rock (OCK Family) Level E
Lottery Ticket-CS (ET Family) Level D
Love and Tennis (ET Family) Level A/B
Love to Read (Long A-AIL) Level F
Lucy's Lemons-FF (sound of L) Level A/B
Made It Myself (SH Beginning) Level F
Mama’s Got a Wig-CS (IG Family) Level F
Marching (S/ST) Level C
Marching Ants (ANT Family or NT Ending) Level G
Masterpiece (S/SM Beginning) Level G
Meg’s Dog (AG/EG Families) Level D
Message from Max (AD/AX) Level E
Mike Likes Bananas (Short I/iCe) Level I
Milo Says (CH Beginning Digraph) Level I
Mmm Mmm Melon-FF (sound of M) Level A/B
Monday Morning Football (AR/AIR) Level H
Money Pit (IT Word Family or Short E/I/O) Level C
Moon Walk (UMP Family) Level A/B
My Cat Can Jump Level C
My Pet Level A/B
Mystery (S/SW Beginning) Level D
Nan and Ned (ED Family) Level C
Nan with the Fan (AN Family) Level C
Nectarine-FF (sound of N) Level A/B
Ned’s Dog Jed (ED Family) Level C
Never Had a Quince-FF (sound of Q) Level A/B
New Kid Slim-CS (IM Family) Level H
Nice Work (OB Family) Level D
No Hit Joe (UMP Family or MP Ending) Level I
Not Hurt (IR/UR) Level G
O.G.-CS (OG Family) Level H
Ocean Notion (Long O in the Stressed) Level K
Old Bugle (Long U, open, in Stressed) Level K
Old Milk (IFF Family) Level H
Only a Cat (C/SC Beginning) Level F
Oranges for Dinner-FF (sound of O) Level A/B
Pam and Sam (AM Word Family) Level C
Pass the Buck (UCK Family) Level E
Pat the Cat (AT Family) Level A/B
Pea Pod Prod (P/PR) Level F
Peacock in the Meadow (Short E/Long E as EA in Stressed) Level P
Peg Leg Peg (Level F)
Pigs and Chickens-CT (AD Family) Level E
Pirate Way, The (P/PL Beginning Sounds) Level I
Play Date-CS (AM Family) Level C
Pop Pop Popcorn (OP Family) Level A/B
Potato Bin-CT (IN Family) Level F
Princess Deb (Short E/eCe) Level I
Pumpkins-CT (AT Family) Level D
Rap Beat-CS Level C
Raspberry, Raspberry-FF (sound of R) Level A/B
Reader’s Theater (Short A/aCe) Level E
Reading and Writing-CS (AG Family) Level E
Royal Stitching (K/QU) Level E
Safe Trip (ST Ending) Level E
Scat Cat (S/SC Beginning) Level H
School Play-CS (IT Family) Level E
School Schedule (ELL Family) Level E
Science Project (E/eCe) Level G
Score (ID Family or SL/SK Beginning) Level D
Seafood Fest-CS (AB Family) Level E
Secret Code (INK Family) Level E
Sid and Lin (ID/IN Families) Level E
Singing King (ING Family) Level G
Skate Park (ED Family) Level D
Sky Nap (Short E/Short I/Short O) Level A/B
Slim-CT (IM Family) Level E
Slug at the Beach (S/SL Beginning) Level G
Smarts (AR) Level I
Smog (S/SM Beginning) Level E
Snore No More (OR/ORE/orCe) Level H
So Mad! (Short A/aCe) Level E
Soccer Kings (CK/QU) Level E
Solid or Liquid (Short I/Short O in Stressed) Level O
Soup or Stew (OU-long sound/EW) Level F
Spin and Grin (G/GR or S/SP Beginning) Level E
Stop, Drop and Roll (Short O/OLL) Level G
Street Sign-CS Level C
Summer Shopping-CS (OP Family) Level D
Super Sour (S/SK Beginning) Level F
Surprise for Grace (F/FL/FR Beginning) Level I
Surprise Wedding (EW/OO) Level G
Swagger-CS (US Family) Level E
Swamp Swan (WA vowel) Level J
Swim with Jim (IM Family) Level A/B
Swimming Pool (OO ~ boom) Level G
Tank Bank (ANK Family or NK Ending) Level G
Taste Treat-FF (sound of T) Level A/B
Taste Trick (Short I/iCe) Level D
Thanks, Dr. Bill (B/BL Beginning Sounds) Level H
Time to Sow-CT-Level E
Tish the Fish (SH Digraph) Level E
Traffic Light-CS- Level D
Trio (Short U/uCe) Level E
Two Hugs-CS (UG Family) Level D
Vegetables Have Vitamins (sound of V) Level A/B
Wag’s Flag (AD Family) Level D
Weather Web (OG Family) Level F
What Is It? (C/CL Beginning) Level G
White Shirt (ER/IR) Level F
Who Gnu? (G/Silent G in GN) Level D
Who Ran (AN Family) Level A/B
With Potatoes (sound of P) Level A/B
Work Break (AN/AT Families) Level A/B



Reader’s Theater Scripts

If you prefer, you can spend some time with our "How To" suggestions:

*Beetle's Surprise (Social Studies)
*Digits (Math)
*Fishing and Fiddling (Social Studies)
*Kinetic (Science)
*More About George Washington Carver (Social Studies)
*Professor Pester (Science)
*Snowball (Science)
1619 (Social Studies)
90 Degrees in the Shade
A Community Is (Social Studies)
A Key and a Kite (Science, Social Studies)
A Little Truth (Social Studies)
Anansi’s Secret Pot (Social Studies)
And Justices for All (Social Studies)
April in Appomattox (Social Studies)
Black and White (Science)
Blizzard (Science)
Bugged Out (Math, Science)
Built for Speed VI (Science)
Calculator Head-Episode 1 (Math)
Cart, The Before the Horse (Social Studies)
Choose Chores (Math)
Cloud Dreamer (Science)
Cloud of Witnesses (Social Studies)
Couch Potato (Science)
Count Your Chickens (Math)
Daily Cycle (Science)
Day of Infamy (Social Studies)
Desert Island Dialogue (Math)
Di and Dee (Math)
Digits-All New and Improved (Math)
Do It Again (Math, Science)
Don't Pulley My Leg (Science)
Down Down Down (Science)
Earth Dance (Science)
Family Circle (Math)
Fluffy People Planet (Science)
Frogs in School (Social Studies)
Frogs in School-5 Frogs (Social Studies)
Fruit of the Tongue (Social Studies)
Geometric Slide (Math)
Geometry Stew (Math)
Get My Glasses (Math, Science)
Get to the Point (Math)
Giant Ants (Science)
Good Luck Bad Luck (Social Studies)
Green Coat, Gray Coat (Social Studies)
How Many Coconuts (Math)
I Am the Sun (Science)
I Am Water (Science)
I Say Wisdom, I Say Luck (Social Studies)
Impossible (Math)
In Timbuktu, They Knew (Social Studies)
It's Scientific (Math, Science)
Jellybean Game (Math)
Like a See-Saw (Math)
Magic Words (Social Studies)
Missing Marbles (Math)
More About Abraham Lincoln (Social Studies)
Mouth of the South (Science)
Moving Plans (Science)
Mr. Fulton’s Folly (Social Studies)
My Kingdom for a Backbone (Science)
My Little Brother (Science)
My Little Sister (Science)
Naturally American (Social Studies)
New In Town (Math)
Not Polite to Point (Math)
Old Shoe (Science)
One Two Three (Math, Science, Social Studies)
Orange You Going to Share? (Math)
Over the Wedge (Science)
Parts-With Professor Pester (Science)
Pet Plans (Science)
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt
Practice Makes Princes (Social Studies)
Precipitation Situation (Science)
Producers Are Resourceful (Social Studies)
Recalcitrant, The Robber (Social Studies)
Relay Rally (Math)
Right Triangle, Wrong Triangle (Math)
Round or Flat? (Science, Social Studies)
Say Sorry (Social Studies)
Seasons Change (Science)
Second and Third on the Fourth, The (Social Studies)
Shadow (Science)
Shadow Too (Science)
Shoe Sale (Math)
Sink or Float (Science)
Snack Bar (Math, Science)
Speedy, Brown Paca and the Little, Brown Beetle, The (Social Studies)
Step Right Up (Science)
Surf Rider (Science)
Sweet Tea (Science)
Take a Picture (Science)
Talkin’ Turtle (Social Studies)
Tall Tale Tim (Math, Social Studies)
Television President, The (Social Studies)
Thief in the Night, The (Social Studies)
There Goes Abe Again (Social Studies)
Three Princes, The (Social Studies)
Three Princesses, The (Social Studies)
Three Things (Math, Science)
Time (Math)
Treachery or Truth (Social Studies)
Turn Up the Volume (Math)
Water is Our Name (Science)
Way I See It, The (Social Studies)
We Know Maps (Social Studies)
We the People (Social Studies)
What is Green? (Science)
What is Red? (Science)
What Next? (Math, Science)
What Owls Do (Science)
What's Up With Roy? (Science)
Where the Cookies Went (Science)
Where to Find Wisdom (Social Studies)
Which One Am I? (Science)
Which Way Did He Go? (Social Studies)
Wisdom or Luck? (Social Studies)
You Don’t Say! (Social Studies)

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