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What HAPPY Reading Has for Me

We Help with What You Already Do!

When you teach at home, when you have a small group of learners who work at a pace you set together, you’re already providing a highly differentiated instructional program for them.

Our materials and recommendations allow you to stay informed about best practices in education, to have access to great ideas from all over the map and to choose instructional materials that are precisely right for your learner (s).

We hope you’ll choose to explore all of what we have to offer and that you’ll decide to stay as a registered member. HAPPY uniquely helps smart educators to work more efficiently across content areas and to support learning in social ways. Whether using our poems, which can be utilized solo, our two-person reader’s theater scripts or our multiple-reader scripts in settings with other home-schooled learners… we believe the performance and social aspects of our offerings will be immensely helpful in developing a well-rounded literacy learner. Reading, writing, listening and speaking are all regarded and enriched by what we have for you here.

Becoming a registered member costs just pennies a day per user. Some people spend more than this amount on shoes that they don’t really need and never wear. You can purchase up to three years of membership at the low, introductory price. And referring friends and colleagues can lead to even greater benefits for you and for them.

Special introductory price: $39.99. To register: http://happyreading.org/Register.aspx

We are HAPPY to entertain any questions:register@happyreading.org