What HAPPY Reading Has for Me

See Character Education and Bibliotherapy

You will see that we have some assistance for your guidance department or other therapeutic setting. But we have a little more work to do… refining and adding to our offerings.

What you find right now is a site that shows a healthy regard for healthy thinking, feeling, relating, and well-being. It already comes through in subtle, humorous and definitely-not-preachy ways in our articles, profiles and instructional materials. There’s more of that goodness ahead.

Beginning in early 2012, HAPPY will provide specific recommendations for poems and reader’s theater scripts to be used for a variety of purposes… from prompting classroom discussion on sharing, stereotyping or bullying… to use with a trained counselor to explore issues ranging from sportsmanship to unresolved grief.  Based on what's here and what's ahead, we hope you'll consider joining us at the current, low, introductory price. 

Becoming a registered member costs just pennies a day, per student. Some people spend more than this amount on a single book that may have much more limited use, especially if the book is blank. You can purchase up to three years of membership at the low, introductory price. Schools and divisions may also purchase for up to three years at this same per-license rate. And referring friends, colleagues, other schools or other divisions can lead to even greater benefits for you and for them.

Special introductory price: $39.99. To register:

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