Consulting and Program Creation
What HAPPY Reading Has for Me


HAPPY Reading has full-service programming and curricula available to help create and sustain a reading culture in:

  • Schools of all grade levels
  • Homeless facilities, shorter- and longer-term
  • Day treatment programs
  • Community organizations

Though we have certain books and activities that have proved to be successful with many learners over time, HAPPY Reading does not have a pre-packaged program you can purchase. Rather, we pull together the best of what we know from experience and create a program that is perfectly suited to your learners, your needs and your goals. Depending on your setting, consulting services might include:

  • Print-rich environment review
  • Literacy curriculum review, across content and
  • Student motivation and parent involvement suggestions
  • We make specific recommendations, taking into consideration input from all major stakeholders.

Workshops for parents and/or teachers on a wide variety of literacy-related topics
With regard to workshops, we schedule multiple sessions for the sake of relationship-building and continuity. Our philosophy is that we begin with respect and focus on strengths. We believe all things are possible and are practical about the steps to achieving collective goals. For a list of all available workshops, go to: and scroll down to Services from HAPPY.

Our programming services might include:

  • Regular read-alouds by parents and/or community volunteers
  • Tutoring by parents, community members or peers
  • Opportunities for learners to earn books to own
  • Family events, workshops and celebrations
  • Cross-curricular learning through literacy
  • Creative use of technology
  • Assistance from mentors and community leaders

We have helped many schools and many more families to discover the reading culture they’d always wanted. We would love to be of service to you! To find out precisely how we may help you, please contact us at We’ll be HAPPY to answer any questions.