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One of the first steps into real reading is understanding that words are separate entities.  HAPPY Reading would love to help you to help your learners grow confident in their concept of word.  Our many, leveled poems give you easy options for engaging young readers as they take that momentous step towards real reading.  You can start with a just-right poem and use it with your morning message, on your pocket chart, in sentence strips or cut-up words, to facilitate real writing... or for tracking practice at home.  We supply the perfect materials and you adapt to suit your learners best.

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Recommended Professional Books
There are three books related to understanding word study and leveled reading. These are located at the bottom of the Resources page. Words Their Way, Word Journeys and Guided Reading will all offer some insight on helping children achieve a concept of word, the milestone that signals the beginning of the real reading of text. Links to purchase these books are located at the bottom of the Resources page.

Instructional Materials Library Free Samples
We specialize in leveled reader's theater scripts and poems that are downloadable whenever you want them.  Each poem is an opportunity to help students acquire a concept of word. For those new to reading, a four-line, level A/B poem is perfect. You’ll find a regular version (T1), a version specifically for practice (T2) and explicit instructions for educators on how to use the poem to build concept of word (T3).

You can download and use these pages from our FREE area of the Instructional Materials Library. We recommend Al’s Apples, Pretty Ugli, Some of Each, Beck’s Long Neck and Making Music. These are all short, lively poems with cute pictures to engage students. Encourage students to place a sticker in each practice block or color in a square for each time they successfully read the poem and track each word accurately.

Very simple reader’s theater scripts provide the same opportunity to grasp the concept of word. Among the free samples on the site, consider downloading Snowball and More About George Washington Carver. Very simple scripts allow inexperienced readers to memorize the lines, and this is beneficial if they are also given support to point to each word as they say it. Gradually, they begin to connect what they are saying with where they are pointing and with what they are seeing. Being able to see that each word is an individual entity is what concept of word (COW) is all about. Once students know this, they are well on their way to being readers.

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Instructional Materials Library
This includes instantly available downloads of thousands of pages of leveled poem and reader’s theater scripts. Material is written with content standards in mind AND to support literacy growth across the life span for learners in a variety of settings and circumstances.

On the T3 page for many dozens of level A/B poems, you will find suggestions for using the poems to build concept of word with your learners. Only members have access to the full instructional materials library via the LOGIN button. Or you may register to become a member here:

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HAPPY52 Tips
As a member, you receive weekly delivery of Reading Raves and Reminders in your e-mail to help keep teaching practices sharp and student skill sharper. Some of these tips may relate to Concept of Word.

Coming in late summer/early fall, this one of a kind resource will help you to connect real, high quality children’s literature with essential instructional goals. You’ll also be able to create text sets and identify books by author, illustrator, series, content area, reading level and much more. Searching the mine for level A and B books will help you identify books you already own that can help build a concept of word. The BookMine is also a central place to locate new books you’d like to purchase to fit your concept of word purposes. Join at today’s low price and make your HAPPY Reading experience even more of a great value for you and your students.

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