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How Can Literacy and Community Service Work Together?

Oh! Let us count the ways!

How about starting a club for young people or English language learners to meet to hear stories? You might use our recommended great books for reading aloud. See for yourself. They’re so irresistible, you might want to marry them, too!

All guests of HAPPY Reading can access the full descriptions of all current recommended books. Once these gems archive, however, only registered members can read the complete descriptions.

How else might great community service look when it involves literacy? How about allowing youngsters or English language learners to practice their own reading and speaking? Our reader’s theater scripts and poems are leveled and fun and you can find just the right materials for the right learners. Our site is relatively new, and though we have hundreds of scripts and poems so far, we’re just getting started. We add new materials every month, and if you become a member now at the ridiculously low introductory price, you’ll be HAPPY about it for a long time to come!

FREE samples of our reader’s theater scripts and poems:

FREE samples are our gift to you. We hope you use them frequently and well for the enjoyment and education of your learners. If you wish to have unlimited access to our library’s holdings, you may become a registered member. Currently, we have thousands of pages of poems, reader’s theater scripts and companion Detail pages that highlight alignment with content and standards. We add new materials each month.

Sometimes, great teaching and community service go hand in hand. Reading our monthly articles may help you find the perfect idea for supporting learners or reaching out into your community. A bonus is that your own reading skill may improve with all the added reading! What’s current?

School-Wide Reading
Current Article-If You Build It Up, They Will Read (Connecticut)
Surrogate Librarian
Current Article-Books on Wheels (Illinois)
Book-Inspired Art
Current Article-The Snowball Effect (Michigan)
Books As Bridges
Current Article-Blanketed in Kindness (Florida and Louisiana)
Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Current Article-A Dramatic Difference (North Carolina)
Book-Inspired Community Service
Current Article-Love and Sandwiches (Georgia)
Literacy for All Kinds of Intelligence
Current Article-Naturally Smart (Florida)

Some articles will spark ideas immediately. Others you might adapt for impact throughout your community. These articles are located on the Resources page, immediately below the calendar area.

While current, they can be read by all guests to the site. Once they archive, only registered members may read them. Consider becoming a member, if you haven’t already.

HAPPY Reading also has its own programs that have been used to support and enrich reading in various settings… from elementary schools to homeless shelters. Most need the hearts, talents and time of dedicated volunteers. If you’re interested in exploring a program that can thrive with servant leaders in your community, we’re HAPPY to explore this with you. You can begin with an overview at: You’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the page to Program Creation and Management.

HAPPY Reading provides consulting services… ranging from Bibliotherapy curriculum for youth who can benefit from book-inspired, emotional support to full family literacy programming. We provide workshops for families and professional development training for staff. Registered members receive a discount on workshops and consulting services.

Registered members also retain access to all our articles and other features as they archive. If you haven’t already, consider making the small investment for membership today… and have HAPPY Reading as your steady partner for literacy for those you serve.

Special introductory price: $39.99. To register:

Please remember that each membership equals a single license agreement, which covers up to 40 sub-users. To serve larger populations using instructional materials (such as our poems or reader’s theater scripts), you will need to purchase memberships sufficient to cover all of those who will be using the materials. We are HAPPY to entertain any questions: