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How Does Your Community Support Literacy?

What we know is that people usually spend time doing what matters to them. If you are part of a culture that values reading… truly values it… you will probably read.

Though many of us give lip service to reading (lip service is a literacy activity, by the way), we don’t always walk to match our talk. Are there ways you can do more to help children, families, and your entire community to appreciate and value reading? Can you incorporate literacy skills of writing, speaking and listening in ways that are magnetically attractive? In ways that make people want to come together and be involved? In ways that enrich your community and perpetuate a culture of reading?

HAPPY Reading encourages you to explore shared reading as one example. What about public art that connects with poetry or with books? What about community service that starts with a great story or service learning that entails gifting books to those in need of a richer library? Can you imagine a reader’s theater club at your local school or library? Could you start one in your neighborhood? Can you stretch your thinking and open your heart to find more ways to bring your community together around literacy?

Each month, HAPPY Reading publishes articles about interesting things happening in schools and communities all over America… all over the world. Some of these articles will be the catalyst for more effective teaching and good works related to literacy. You could be the central reason something new and wonderful happens, having been inspired by an article.

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What’s current?

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Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
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Book-Inspired Community Service
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Literacy for All Kinds of Intelligence
Current Article-Naturally Smart (Florida)

Read here for ideas and inspiration. These articles address ideas and innovation for learners of varied ages, and you will almost certainly ignite your own imagination here. Some ideas will be immediately transferrable for specific situations. Others you can adapt for impact throughout your community. These articles are located on the Resources page, immediately below the calendar area.

To launch a successful poetry or reader’s theater club or program within your specific organization or community program… or to start a new program, you’ll need material. HAPPY Reading has hundreds of choices to date and new poems and scripts are added monthly.

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You’ll also find great recommendations of books to read aloud for young people of varying ages and with diverse interests. Look here for books you might incorporate in a new or existing read-aloud program. Each picture book comes with suggestions for more expansive instructional purposes, usually related to word study (spelling). All of this can be found under the Books tab:

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HAPPY Reading provides consulting services… ranging from Bibliotherapy curriculum for youth who can benefit from book-inspired, emotional support to full family literacy programming. We provide workshops for families and professional development training for staff. Registered members receive a discount on workshops and consulting services.

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