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What HAPPY Reading Has for Me

Working with Colleagues:

Our leveled, content-aligned reader’s theater scripts make it so easy to plan instruction with colleagues across content areas. With each reading of each script, learners are working on both language arts skills and content knowledge. In addition, they’re improving their performance skills and flirting with greater enjoyment of reading.

Once the BookMine becomes available (Fall 2011), you can also choose books for reading aloud or independent work (e.g. using text sets) to integrate language learning with essential understandings in other content areas. HAPPY Reading gives you the tips and the tools.

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Suggestions on how to use these reader’s theater scripts to support instruction, including for fluency:

FREE samples are our gift to you. We hope you use them frequently and well for the enjoyment and education of your learners. If you wish to have unlimited access to our library’s holdings, you may become a registered member. Currently, we have thousands of pages of poems, reader’s theater scripts and companion Detail pages that highlight alignment with content and standards. We add new materials each month.

Working within Community:

What happens when a parent or a teacher or a school leader joins forces with a librarian… in school or in the community… to further knowledge and love of reading? In some cases, you get reader’s theater clubs or performances that are supported by all involved.

Students at school, patrons at the library, children at home—all can practice their reading and performance skill by spending enjoyable time with family and friends rehearsing reader’s theater plays. Performances can be community events, held at the library or in a school setting or both. The potential for winning, collaborative efforts are limited by imagination only.

HAPPY Reading scripts can be used to practice. In fact, the aspiring stars of stage can use the short, leveled, content-related scripts to improve their confidence, skill and academic knowledge first. They can advance to lengthier, more literary works of reader’s theater as performance time nears. They will have many plays in their repertoire and many HAPPY reading experiences to propel them as readers and learners and public speakers.

Some clubs take favorite stories and use them as a launching point for their own playwright endeavors. HAPPY Reading introduces new material each month, including Summer 2011 when Always HAPPY Stories (i.e. fairy tales)  first appear--- perfect for collaborative performances. Poems can also be used in similar ways… read, recited or reviewed as inspiration for learners to write their own material to perform.

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