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What HAPPY Reading Has for Me

Does HAPPY Reading review books?

Yes, but in a new way.

We are keenly aware that there are many different purposes for reading. We are enthusiastically and optimistically and wildly hopeful that more and more of the time, readers have a purpose of enjoying literature. We also recognize that there are many factors that impede the unbridled pursuit of wide reading for enjoyment (which also leads to learning in just about every instance).

We recommend books for reading aloud. We also show parents, teachers, librarians, counselors, volunteers, community leaders and others how to accomplish more with text.

A great book can be a teaching tool in ways that you might not have contemplated… for example to reinforce word study (spelling and phonics skills) or to acquire vocabulary (in authentic, meaningful ways). As we utilize good and great books for learning, HAPPY Reading fervently hopes we don’t forget to enjoy books, in and of themselves, as satisfying and worthwhile on their own… and that exposure to more books in classrooms and homes will preserve or re-ignite a passion for reading that we believe most of us inherently possess.

Simultaneously, great teaching tools, texts designed for specific learning purposes, can also provide an immensely enjoyable reading experience. Hence, our poems and reader’s theater scripts (as a starting point) are written to be fun, funny, thought-provoking and shared socially… for education and for increased, intrinsic pleasure while learning.

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In time, you will see more precise reviews of books, with the introduction of our BookMine (coming fall 2011). These reviews, known as IRBYs will give you an “instructional review of books for youth” that will hopefully be as helpful as anything you’ve encountered for educating eager learners.

In the meantime, please use our recommendations and instructional materials for smiles and smarts among your learners of all ages and readiness levels, and please explore our recommended books for reading aloud and for professional development.

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