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What is Bibliotherapy?

Bibliotherapy is the practice of using books for therapeutic purposes. This can range from sharing a story about a particular feeling or experience with someone you know who could use the emotional support… to design of specific curricula to be delivered by trained counselors in a therapeutic setting.

Parents and teachers use bibliotherapy when reading a story about a child moving or reading a story about sharing well for an audience that can benefit from the particular lesson. It can be used to demonstrate a potential successful outcome, modeled by characters in a book… or to introduce a problem or challenge worth exploring further using other means.

HAPPY Reading does not offer therapy or counseling in any form. We do, however, have years of experience providing bibliotherapy curricula for use in counseling. Many of our poems and reader’s theater scripts are excellent springboards for work on character development, problem-solving, and emotional exploration. And we can provide recommendations for ideal books to use for a variety of mental, emotional and therapeutic needs.

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Instructional Materials Library
This includes instantly available downloads of thousands of pages of leveled poems and reader’s theater scripts. Material is written with content standards in mind AND to support literacy growth across the life span for learners in a variety of settings and circumstances. Beginning in early 2012, HAPPY will provide specific recommendations for poems and reader’s theater scripts to be used for a variety of purposes… from prompting classroom discussion on sharing, stereotyping or bullying… to use with a trained counselor to explore issues ranging from sportsmanship to unresolved grief. Only members have access to the full instructional materials library via the LOGIN button. Or you may register to become a member here:

Members Only Archive

Only members retain access to our free, monthly articles and features once they archive.

HAPPY52 Tips
As a member, you receive weekly delivery of Reading Raves and Reminders in your e-mail to help keep teaching practices sharp and learners’ skills sharper. Some of these tips may relate to bibliotherapy.

Coming in early fall, this one of a kind resource will help you to connect real, high-quality children’s literature with thematic needs in the classroom, in the counseling office, in the group home or in the detention or community center. If you are looking for children’s literature that aligns with specific needs for your learner(s) or clients, the BookMine will help you find it. Character education, intrapersonal and interpersonal exploration and dealing with challenging life situations… we will direct you to books to help those in your charge make discoveries and develop life skills.

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Members also get HAPPY Services-- including HAPPY Primary, READ UP, WORD, HAPPY Preschool, HAPPY Transitions and Bibliotherapy-- at special pricing. HAPPY has provided bibliotherapy and read-aloud oversight for camps, day treatment programs and homeless shelters. Workshops for both parents and education professionals are also available at discounted pricing. How may we help you? Write to inquire and discuss specific needs.

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