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Enjoy a new profile each month, usually penned by the artist. Learn interesting facts and find out what’s in the works for some of your favorite writers and illustrators. All guests have access to the profiles during the month they are featured. After profiles archive, you must be a registered member to access. Currently Featured-Sarah Weeks.



Each month, the HAPPY Calendar lists the birthdays of some of your favorite authors and illustrators. Have reading celebrations all month long!

Monthly Articles

These rotating articles, under permanent, umbrella headings, often provide suggestions about activities and lessons related to a particular author. These are great for ideas of how you might proceed with author or illustrator study with your own learners.

School-Wide Reading
Current Article-If You Build It Up, They Will Read (Connecticut)
Surrogate Librarian
Current Article-Book Ambassador (Colombia, South America)
Book-Inspired Art
Current Article-The Snowball Effect (Michigan)
Books As Bridges
Current Article-Blanketed in Kindness (Florida and Louisiana)
Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Current Article-A Dramatic Difference (North Carolina)
Book-Inspired Community Service
Current Article-Love and Sandwiches (Georgia)
Literacy for All Kinds of Intelligence
Current Article-Naturally Smart (Florida) and scroll down below the Calendar area. All current articles can be accessed by all HAPPY visitors, but only registered members retain access once the articles archive.


HAPPY is HAPPY to recommend great choices for reading aloud with students. These picture books, easy readers, chapter books and JF/YA novels frequently have instructional suggestions (primarily word study) included, as a bonus. You might choose to use these recommendations to help you select authors or illustrators for more in-depth study with your learners.

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Registered members have ongoing access to monthly articles as well as to author and illustrator profiles that have moved into the archive. You may be interested in the following archived article:

Book-Inspired Art, Artistic Commitment-Students learn language appreciation through art in St. Paul

HAPPY52 Tips
Members receive weekly delivery of Reading Raves and Reminders in their e-mail to help keep teaching practices sharp and student skill sharper. Some of these tips relate to author study.

Coming in early fall, this one of a kind resource will help you to connect real, high quality children’s literature with essential instructional goals. You’ll also be able to create text sets and identify books by author, illustrator, series, content area, reading level and much more. When you’re looking for books by specific authors or illustrators, the BookMine will be a welcome resource.

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